Movie Review: Sobi’s Mystic Shows Nollywood Still Has Great Storytellers

Sobi's Mystic

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While the Nollywood movies released in the 90s and mid-2000 lacked the technology that the current ones have, they complemented that with compelling stories that would leave you teary, in suspense or entertained. Some were downright thought-provoking.

They were also mostly unpredictable, and Sobi’s Mystic by Biodun Stephen is a reminiscence of that era. Which is so welcoming with the increasing trend of Nigerian films with more tech and less story.

It stars Kunle Remi, Bolaji Ogunmola, Mofe Duncan, Emem Ufot and is available on iROKOtv.


Sobi’s Mystic focuses on Sobi, played by actor Kunle Remi, a fashion designer and an unrepentant playboy – confirm Yoruba demon. The type of Playboy that asks a girl to meet him at a bar only for him to forget not just the date, but the lady’s name. Sobi meets a woman, Mystic, who challenges the core of his belief as a playboy.

Mystic, played by Bolaji Ogunmola, is the ultimate party girl. She is every Playboy’s nemesis, not one to commit herself to a relationship or guy’s control, she just wants to have fun. Mystic has an alter ego, Aida, who is completely different.

On a night at 45, Sobi’s go-to club.

Sobi, who seems to be off his play game, will meet a lady, who seems to have been paying attention to his antics. She engages him in a conversation but sounds different from the usual.

She asks that they leave the club and you can guess where they were headed to.

After the deed, Sobi, in a typical manly manner is full of himself and brags about the sex they just had, only for Mystic to humble him by terming it an ordinary and not-so-filling experience.

While in disbelief, he tries to argue, and he is shown the door.

With his ego crushed and reputation on the line. Sobi aims for another shot with this mysterious lady, and that was just the beginning of his problems.

He went from needing to perform above average in the bed to breaking the number one rule in playboy-ism – falling in love.

When Sobi made it known to Mystic that he wants more than ordinary, she cuts him off as she wanted just casual and chose him because he is casual kinda guy.

Unable to focus on work or anything else since she cuts him off, he started looking for her, and his search led him to Aida – Mystic’s alter ego – who happens to have kids that call her mummy.

Sobi’s Mystic wins on many fronts, but one thing that is remarkably good here (and not common in Nollywood movies) is the soundtrack. Every important scene had a befitting tune that came with a nostalgic effect that just helps the viewer relate more to it.

What makes Sobi’s Mystic such a good movie is its story, acting and unpredictability. Nothing beats a movie with an element of “good” surprise, and this is well executed here, especially with the life of Aida – Mystic’s alter ego.


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