Obsession Is Great but Could Have Been Obsessing


In my review of The Friend Zone, I had talked briefly about my love for the low-budget movies shown on iROKOtv. Obsession, which premiered this past Friday on iROKOtv, follows a formula synonymous with movies shown on iROKOtv; low-budget production, great storyline and a fine mix of popular and unpopular talented actors.

The integration of unpopular actors is great for Nollywood especially with the trend of social media celebs and musicians replacing actors.

Obsession was well promoted across social media; a practice not so common with iROKOtv movies but was it worth the hype? Let us find out.

Obsession – The Story

The story tries to explain the disadvantages of career over the home. Narrowing it down to infidelity caused as a result of husband being too busy for wifey or wifey being too busy for her hubby.

Tricia Davis (Judith Audu), a mother of one and wife to struggling actor, Bayo Davis (Yemi Blaq) is more married to her job than she is to her husband. Bros cannot even get a quickie because Madam is always busy and rushing to leave home for work.

Due to her busy schedule, she decides to get a nanny to help take care of the little baby at home. The fortunate/unfortunate thing is that the nanny (Ifu Ennada) is one hot babe who is huge fan to madam’s husband.

Aret Sexy Nanny Obsession review - Obsession Is Great but Could Have Been Obsessing
Aret, the Sexy Nanny obsessed with her Oga

Tricia’s friend, Ene Umukoro, played by Odera Olivia Orji, is experiencing the opposite. The roles are switched at the Umukoro’s. Husband is the busy one and wifey is the one with all the time in the world.

Obsession – The Good

One thing most adults cannot relate to in Nollywood is the sex scenes. They are usually stupid and even a dumbo can tell this is not sex but in Obsession, wow! They took things to a different level. It was not total nudity but it was something every naija film aficionado will appreciate. Great directing and special applause to Ifu Ennada, she is so believable!

Obsession brings more than the sex scenes. The story may have its inconsistencies but its ability to soak you in and keep you glued is commendable, thanks to great synergy among the writer, actors and director.

Obsession – The Bad

The one thing they got wrong in every manner in Obsession is the picture quality. I was streaming at the highest resolution and I just could not fathom why the video looked that way. I know it is low-budget production but it should not be this bad.

Other low-budget films on iROKOtv do not look this bad.

Then the idea of two families suffering from similar problem was not well executed. It just did not feel enough for me. I was looking out for more and the end felt rushed.


Overall, Obsession was a good film. If the production, film length, and story were upped and the inconsistencies dropped, we will be talking about a film fit for cinemas. A film that is obsessing.

You can watch it here but be careful sha, there are some tantalizing erotic scenes in it.

Title: Obsession

Cast: Judith Audu, Yemi Blaq, Ifu Ennada, Femi Branch, Odera Olivia Orji, Mawuli Gavor, Bolaji Ogunmola and Oludara Egerton-Shyngle.

Synopsis: An actor with a failed career starts having troubles at home; he ends up getting involved with his babysitter. This leads to an intense battle.

Producer: Judith Audu

Director: Uduakobong Patrick

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 17 November, 2017.


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