Bauchi state governor abdullahi abubakar to star in Nollywood drama Up North

Bauchi State Governor, Abdullahi Abubakar, to star in Tope Oshin’s Up North

In a series of tweet, techprenuer and founder of Anakles Films, Editi Effiong revealed among many other things that the Governor of Bauchi state, Abdullahi Abubakar, will be starring in Tope Oshin’s Up North.

Not only did Governor Abubakar volunteer to star in the movie, he has been committed to making it a success from day one.

Editi Effiong, who is one of the movies executive producer, tweeted that the Governor offered his convoy when the crew had difficulties finding cars for a convoy for a scene, offered Yankari reserves as the crew could not get a hotel, and got the crew permission to shoot at the Emir’s place. The Emir of Bauchi will also be making an appearance.

You can read the whole thread below.

Up North is a story of friendship, love, and family politics. It focuses on a rebellious heir (Banky W) whose NYSC year does not go according to plan. The movie star-studded cast includes Kanayo O. Kanayo, Banky W, TBoss, Michelle Dede, Rahama Sadau, Saeed Mohammed, and Akin Lewis.

The Governor’s reason for being heavily invested: “I’m trying to diversify my state economy, and I’ve been begging Nollywood people to come and make films here. I have to support you guys, so you can go tell others. Also, you’re employing a lot of Bauchi people.”

His explanation makes sense, shooting a movie in Bauchi is more like marketing the state to Nigerians who do not know about the many attractions of the state. Also, Nollywood can help with the diversification the Nigerian economy needs and for her to really blossom, she needs the Nigerian Government’s support.

Governor’s involvement aside, here are five things to know about Up North.

Five Things To Know about Up North

  1. Production: Up North is a joint effort of Inkblot Productions and Anakle Films, a subsidiary of Anakle Digital. Anakle Films is a new player in the industry while Inkblot Productions has produced several blockbusters including the box office record-shattering Wedding Party 1 and 2.
  2. Directing: Up North is directed by Tope Oshin, who has already released one movie this year – New Money and has another one coming up – We Don’t Live Here Anymore. Her upcoming project is an adult queer story. Exciting times in Nollywood!
  3. Release Date: there is no specific date but it is coming out in cinemas nationwide in December and we can expect an elaborate premiere that is most likely going to have governors and an emir in attendance.
  4. Shoot Location: Up North is being shot on locations in Lagos and Bauchi, but from the title only, you can tell most part of the movie will be shot up north.
  5. Up North is the first Nollywood movie that will star a sitting governor and an emir. This is a big one for Nollywood.

Are you as excited as I am for this movie? Tell me in the comment section.

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