Coming Soon: Wives on Strike, The Revolution.

Wives on Strike: The Revolution trailer

Movies that make you jiggle while tackling real social issues loudly are always enjoyable, and that is why we are looking forward to Omoni Oboli’s Wives on Strike: The Revolution.

The prequel, Wives on Strike was Box Office hit. It spent 9 weeks in cinemas nationwide, a feat uncommon for Nollywood movies! It is also the 6th highest grossing Nollywood movie of all time. Grossing a whooping ₦71,300,000 domestically. And boy, it was hilarious.

So, it is only normal it gets a sequel, I won’t mind more. Wives on Strike: The Revolution hopes to continue from where its prequel stopped. The prequel looked at Amina, whose dad was willing to “sell” her to a man old enough to birth her in the name of marriage just to escape his financial struggles. The wives took the matter into their hands and went on a nationwide strike forcing their husbands to look at the issues suffered by the girl child. What kinda strike? No sex!

Wives on Strike: The Revolution mama and papa ngozi

Papa Ngozi trying to convince Mama Ngozi to give in

The Revolution has another focus – Beatrice. Tito played Beatrice and her performance is something to look forward to according to Director Omoni.

Beatrice Wives on Strike: the revolution

Beatrice; the reason for the revolution

Wives on Strike: The Revolution maintained most of its cast member from the prequel and also welcomed some fine additions.

Returning cast includes Omoni Oboli (leader of the movement), Uche Jumbo, Kenneth Okonkwo, Julius Agwu, Ufuoma McDermott, Chioma Akpotha and Kalu Ikeagwu. The guys just joining the movement include Toyin Abraham, Sola Sobowale, Odunlade Adekole and CHigurl.

I really enjoyed Wives on Strike and I am hoping “The Revolution” is just one of the many installments it gets. Like they say, it is a movement. So, let it be Nollywood’s dedicated franchise to the girl child and women in general.

There are so many narratives to explore; they tackled child married with the prequel, rape and sexual assault should follow. Domestic abuse too (just as in Omoye)! There is no synopsis or trailer yet, so, one cannot really say the direction Omoni and her team will follow but we are expectant.

Wives on Strike: The Revolution hits cinemas nationwide on the 29th December 2017.

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