Official Poster For Sector Zero Nollywood Sci-fi Action movie

Watch Trailer for Nollywood Sci-Fi Action Movie Sector Zero

Banji Lenz Productions presents something refreshing and bold, a Sci-Fi action movie – Sector Zero. For an industry like ours that is heavily focused on comedies and romantic movies, the Sci-Fi genre is highly welcome.

Written, produced and directed by Banji Oyemaja, Sector Zero is Nollywood’s take on alien invasion.

It starts with citizens going about their normal activities one morning and suddenly an Alien ship comes from outer space. The Aliens colonized the people through their government. The government then forced all citizens to be marked on their foreheads as a sign of allegiance, those who resisted the mark were brutally killed. All the citizens took the mark except for a man named Michael. The government goes after him but he is determined to never give up.

Watch the explosive trailer below.

Sector Zero stars Samuel Perry, Kumbi Black, Ezurike Silas, Ruth Nkweti, Aribilola Oloyede, Michael Benson and Ngozi Onuoha.

With Sector Zero, Banji Oyemaja joins a list of young upcoming filmmakers like Fiyin Gambo pushing the boundaries in the Nigerian Film Industry. Experimenting with genres that have come to be accepted as not marketable.

Producer, Banji Oyemaja, says the movie is coming out sometime in January 2018.

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