Nollywood Movie Trailer: Rotimi Salami is an abusive husband in Omoye’s Trailer

If there was ever a Nigerian movie that mirrors the much loved (by females) hashtag on Twitter – #MenAreScum, it is Omoye.  It is an intriguing story written by Uche Chukwu and one that I cannot wait to see as it explores a social issue common in Nigeria – Domestic Violence in a very captivating way.

Omoye paints a perfect picture of what an abusive marriage or relationship is. Femi, played by Salami Rotimi, violates his wife physically, mentally and sexually yet, she will not give up on the marriage! He even thinks slapping her is for her good, as it will reset her brain.

The Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team endorsed the movie, guess we can take it as awareness for domestic violence.

I do like how Nollywood is exploring social issues lately. Alter Ego discusses rape and child abuse, The Tribunal explores Albino discrimination, and Omoye focuses on violence in marriage. A movement away from the comedy trend is always welcome.

Omoye Official Synopsis

A hardworking and relentless young lady unknowingly gets into a toxic relationship with a man that never takes responsibility for anything, with abuse and violence increasing, she becomes emotionally and mentally drained but still won’t give up on her marriage.

The movie stars Kiki Omeili, who plays Omoye, Rotimi Salami, Tina Mba, Stan Nze, Mariana Dike, Olarotimi Fakunle and Greg Ojefua. Uche Chukwu double up as director and writer, and Rotimi Salami takes production credit.

Omoye, which is set in Ajegunle, Lagos, will be in cinemas nationwide from October 27, 2017. You can view the trailer below.

Omoye is a movie everyone should see, mothers, aunties, daughters and even us, guys. Tell me your view on domestic violence and if you think the movie is going to do justice to such topic in the comment section.

Image Credit: Rotimi Salami IG

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