Movie Review: The Friend Zone Is An Enjoyable Comedy.

I am starting to enjoy the low-budget movies showing on iROKOtv and The Friend Zone, which is a low-budget film is totally enjoyable. These low-budget films usually star less known albeit talented actors.

The Friend Zone starring Chelsea Eze and Daniel Lloyd starts as a feel-good movie and ends up leaving viewers in an emotional zone. The film paints an almost perfect picture of the stupidity that surrounds the dreaded friend zone. You know those nonsensical “you are just a friend to me” and “I did not say anything  about my feeling because I cherish our friendship.”

The Friend Zone – The Story

After being dropped in the friend zone by Aret, a colleague at the office, Dennis (Daniel Lloyd), asks his bestie, Ivy (Chelsea Eze), to help him escape come out of it. So, Ivy, being a darling bestie, started schooling him on get-out-of-friend-zone 101 and the course was yielding good results.

Things started to go well (too well) between Dennis and Aret, she started to see him more than “just a friend.” Until someone started catching feelings.

The Friend Zone – The Good

The film writers did their research on everything to know about the friend zone and it was evident. It will be hard to fault the storyline, it was apt to a great degree.

Daniel Lloyd also executed his role of being in love with a girl that sees you as just a friend very well. The way he marvels at every breakthrough with the girl is something many of us can relate to. Great role interpretation! My first introduction to the actor and I was instantly impressed.

Chelsea Eze was a delight to watch and her chemistry with Daniel Lloyd was great. Both actors looked like a great fit.

The Friend Zone – The Bad

My issue with low-budget movies in Nollywood is rarely camera shots or directing, it is the irritational unreal things they do. We have all seen the crazy memes on Nigerian movie; Ghost wearing flip-flops or looking before crossing a road.

There were no ghosts here but how can two colleagues be doing lovey-dovey in an office meeting? We understand the need to show that two characters are in love but PDA in an official meeting? It is unrealistic and not needed!

Also, Funny Bone, who played Furo, was obviously in this movie for the laughs but he either underperformed or was underutilized.


There is really not much to say about The Friend Zone. It will not blow your mind but you will be let down too. It is a movie you will enjoy from start to end as its flaws are negligible.

Download or watch here.

Title: The Friend Zone

Cast: Daniel Lloyd, Chelsea Eze, Onyi Alex, Ebube Nwagbo, Funny Bone, Rekiya Ata, Ben Lugo Touitou, Collins Talker and Bamike Olawunmi.

Synopsis: two good friends find themselves in a predicament when their emotions get in the way of their friendship.

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Release Date: November 10, 2017.


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