Gideon Okeke stars in 20 Pounds Dream Movie - Tinsel Actor Gideon Okeke Brings Martial Art to Nollywood

Tinsel Actor Gideon Okeke Brings Martial Art to Nollywood

Ever longed for martial arts in Nollywood? If yes, then 20 Pound Dreams starring Gideon Okeke is for you. Now, I do not know if this will turn out to be a joke (I hope not) or if it will mark the start of something epic in the Nigerian Film Industry.

gideon okeke thatnollywoodblog20 pounds dream movie

We need some movement away from this comedy trend. Like Omotola Jalade put it – “Nigerians are bigger than comedy movies.” So, I am excited about this one.

The 20 Pound Dreams movie is directed by Andy Amadi-Okoroafor. It is being shot at locations in Hong Kong (seems they are serious) and Enugu, Nigeria.

The 20 Pounds Dreams Movie, according to the Gbomo Gbomo actor, has been in the Kitchen for 3 years. It is the second film in which director Andy Amadi-Okoroafor will be working with the actor. Relentless was the first.

The actor has been visiting the gym to look fit for the role.

Gideon Okeke 20 Pounds movie

All of these is pointing to one thing, this will not be a joke, and I am not surprised.

Nigerians are being creative with movies these days. The Short film on Sango, Dawn of Thunder, by KOMOTION STUDIOS, is a good example of the diversification of movie concepts that is to come in Nollywood. The reception of Dawn of Thunders also shows that Nigerians will embrace something outside comedy if it is great.

There is no doubt that Gideon Okeke is a great actor and that he can effectively play an action role. I am just hoping this turns out great.

Check out this picture of the director in the woods in Enugu. Perfect for a fighting scene with some film tricks.

director Andy Amadi-Okoroafor

No trailer yet as the movie is still being shot. We don’t even have plot details but will you be looking forward to this? And do you think Nigerians will dig a martial art movie by Nigerians? Let us discuss in the comment section.

Image Source: Instagram.

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