most anticipated Nigerian movies of 2019

The Most Anticipated Nigerian Movies of 2019

2018 was an interesting year for Nollywood; the first and second quarter of the year saw the release of several disappointing movies. However, towards the end of the year, starting with Kemi Adetiba’s epic King of Boys, we saw some films we were all proud of.

But it was in December that Nollywood truly came to life; there was the star-studded Chief Daddy, the superbly-directed Knock Out Blessing, the socially conscious Power of 1, Genevieve’s feel-good Lionheart, and the visually pleasing faith-based drama, God Calling.

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Nigerian Movies in Cinema Thatnollywoodblog

Nigerian Movies Coming to Cinemas in September 2017

We are starting the month of September with the Salah holiday, and this presents an excellent opportunity to binge on movies. For the Nigerian movies lovers, there is some new stuff from Nollywood showing this weekend.

If you are also trying to schedule your movie calendar, we have got an exciting list of Nollywood movies coming to cinemas this month.


Nigerian Movies in Cinema ThatnollywoodblogNigerian Movies in Cinema Thatnollywoodblog

5 Nigerian Movies to watch this September

This month, Nollywood is giving us some good stuff. We have legal drama focused on discrimination albinos face in Nigeria, a contemporary African movie, and a live action animated comedy.Read More »Nigerian Movies Coming to Cinemas in September 2017