Amina Trailer is historic, cultural, bloody and epic!

When you see the Amina trailer, one word comes to your mind – Epic! Then you ask, is this a Nigerian movie? The cinematography is super impressive, and all credits go to Peter Keil, a creative DoP with over ten years’ experience.

It is a story of the legendary Queen of Zazzau (modern-day Zaria) – Amina, played by Lucy Ameh. Different historians have different records of her legend, but it is accepted that she was a “fierce warrior and loved fighting.”

Amina cast includes Ali Nuhu, Clarion Chukwura, Yakubu Mohammed. Production credits go to Okey Ogunjiofor.

African Movie Academy Award (AMAA) winning director, Izu Ojukwu, is responsible for the directing. If the movie is as intriguing as the trailer, he would be up for another AMAA.

In the Amina trailer, Queen Amina was portrayed as fearless, not one to be intimidated by males even at a time when the world was men’s.

Official synopsis below

She lived in the age of man in a man’s world. In an ancient World of brutal conflicts, ferocious animal passions, timeless suppressive customs, and reckless, heroic exploits, she must resolutely carve out a part of her life in the face of scandalized tradition and antagonistic male dominance.

To grasp her destiny, she must prove herself not just as able, but infinitely more capable than any man alive.

amina army

Horse-sweat soaked battlegrounds

amina structure

Majestic medieval palaces of mud and stones

While I think the story is excellent, it is not the climax of the Amina trailer. You know what is? The bloody fight scenes! The part where blood spills, the African wrestling match (reminds of Gentle “Vuga” Jack) and the Troy or Game of Thrones type of war scenes involving running horses, arrows and cutlasses.

amina fight

Amina fight nollywoodamina fight scene


One word, epic! So much to look forward to.

The last epic movie released in Nolly-cinemas – Tatu did not do well, it did not even last more than two weeks in most cinemas nationwide, and the trailer was great. So, I am hoping that the Amina trailer will not give the movie a hype it will not be able to live up to because I am pretty pumped.

You can see the Amina trailer below.

Image Source: The Amina Movie Website.

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