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That Nollywood Blog is an entertainment website that caters to the audience of the Nigerian Film Industry.


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Our story

I have always loved and enjoyed Nollywood Movies, and sometimes I just want to go online and talk about an actor’s performance in a film with a group of Nollywood fanatics, but there are no such platforms.

The TV/Movie section on Nairaland offers something close but it is not centered on Nigerian movies. So, it is not the perfect platform to have such discussions.

What about a forum that gives insights into the best of the Nigerian film Industry?


I am talking about latest movie news or trailers, movie reviews, and articles about Nollywood.

Since I could not find any such forum or community, I thought of creating one myself, and that is how this blog was birthed.

ThatNollyWoodBlog is a one-stop blog for news, articles, trailers, and reviews relating to Nollywood.

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