About Us


That Nollywood Blog is website that caters to the needs of the average lover of Nigerian films.

About Us

That Nollywood Blog is an entertainment website that caters to the audience of the Nigerian Film Industry.


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Our story

I have always loved and enjoyed Nollywood Movies, and sometimes I just want to go online and talk about an actor’s performance in a film with a group of Nollywood fanatics, but there are no such platforms.

The TV/Movie section on Nairaland offers something close but it is not centered on Nigerian movies. So, it is not the perfect platform to have such discussions.

What about a forum that gives insights into the best of the Nigerian film Industry?


I am talking about latest movie news or trailers, movie reviews, and articles about Nollywood.

Since I could not find any such forum or community, I thought of creating one myself, and that is how this blog was birthed.

ThatNollyWoodBlog is a one-stop blog for news, articles, trailers, and reviews relating to Nollywood.

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